Pregnancy Testing

Think you might be pregnant? Come by and get an answer in just a few minutes. Our tests are quick and get an accurate reading in as few as 10 days after conception.

Your Options

After receiving a positive pregnancy test result, you have three options to consider: Abortion, Adoption and Parenting. We are here to walk you through and educate you on all the options. We are here to help you make a game plan.

Abortion Info

We offer medical-based abortion education to help you be well-informed concerning abortion and related topics.

Ultrasound Info

Once you receive a positive pregnancy test, you can be scheduled for an ultrasound to determine the location and actual gestational age of your baby.

STI Info

When you are sexually active, pregnancy is typically the greatest concern for women. However, there is risk of another life-changing occurrence happening - getting a STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection). Come by and see us for more information on STIs and how to get tested.

Clothes Closet

We offer maternity clothes, baby clothes and baby items to help you start pregnancy and motherhood on the right foot.

Ready for Answers?

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